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Dr Angela Blaen graduated in 1979 with a First Class Honours BA Degree in English Medieval Studies from the University of Exeter and then obtained a PhD.  She lectured and examined for several universities and is the author of and many articles and books.  In 1998 she became a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter.  She currently concentrates on various subjects connected with healing and researches and teaches on the assemblage point, the historical and modern applications of precious gem stones, dowsing, colour and light.  As well as treating patients, she teaches assemblage point work and electric and light gem and crystal transducer therapy and, along with her son Tom, is Director of a relevant professional bodies for these subjects: The Assemblage Point Association.  She lives in Devon, UK, and is a Senior Practitioner of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (Energy Medicine Division) and is a member of the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.  Her new book, From Intention to Technology: Assemblage Point and Gemstone Healing, is now available from The Assemblage Point Centre Ltd. In 2011 in appreciation of the years of work and commitment given by Dr Blaen to the Institute of Complimentary and Natural Medicine she was made a Fellow of the ICNM.






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