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'Sparkling Energy'

by Dr. Angela Blaen

Put the sparkle back in your life with gem therapy

For over 5,000 years various precious stones have been valued not only for their beauty or rarity but also for their medicinal properties. Throughout Asia, medicines are, to this day, produced from finely powdered gem stones. The powders are microscopic crystals and, unlike chemical medications, do not dissolve in water, are not absorbed by the body and are eliminated by the digestive track. In energy theory, the blood circulating around the stomach and intestines, for example, is thought to be energised with the specific frequencies dictated by the colour of the gem powder. The blood then conveys the energy to other parts of the body.

While the medicinal use of gemstones was once enjoyed only by the wealthy, it is now also available via electronic gem-lamp therapy. The process works by inserting relevant gems into lamps which are said to gently pulse the gemstones' curative energies onto those parts of the body in need of treatment.

An Age-Old Treatment

Gem therapy is perhaps the first truly non-chemical energy medicine to be invented. To receive the benefits of gemstones, or dielectric energy, wearing gemstones close to the skin will have a gentle effect but may take longer to work than gem-lamp therapy.

How It Works

Electronic gem therapy lamps pulse energy at various frequency rates through high-quality gems, such as diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald, thereby (it is said) stimulating and greatly amplifying the inherent vibrational healing power of the stones.

Targeting the parts of the body with electronic gem lamps can easily adjust these differences in energy levels, thus the reason for the success of the techniques.

Each gem is thought to possess specific healing properties, useful for non-serious (non-clinical) health concerns. For example, for mild anxiety and stress - use sapphire; for mild pain - use emerald and sapphire.

Gem Elixirs

A gem elixir may not be as effective as gem lamp therapy but, for many, elixirs can be a worthwhile alternative. Having a set of beautiful healing stones and placing them on the relevant parts of the body is pleasurable.

Elixirs, like the gem stones themselves, are thought to work vibrationally in "healing" the affected parts of the body or, even, some claim, emotions.

The nine gems most commonly used for elixirs are, as follows:

  • Ruby is a powerful emitter of red cosmic rays, which produce a hot, drying, energizing effect. It is traditionally associated with the strength of the sun, dispelling negative thoughts and melancholy, while developing qualities of discernment, intuition, honor, devotion and courage.
  • Carnelian releases orange cosmic rays and has a cool, moist and harmonizing effect. It governs the thin, watery secretions of the body and can be helpful in treating asthma, kidney infections, and menstrual and menopausal disorders.
  • Citrine produces yellow cosmic rays and has a hot, stimulating effect.
  • Emerald releases green cosmic rays, which have a cooling, unifying effect. Emerald is said to help us develop the qualities of humor, equanimity, joy, understanding, kindness, an ability to empathisize with others and communicate at a higher emotional level.
  • Blue topaz emits blue cosmic rays, which have a soft, satisfying effect. It is said to make us more open to creative inspiration and playfulness.
  • Diamond, sometimes described as "the master healer," releases indigo cosmic rays, which have a cold, clarifying effect. Diamond has the neutrality of white light, which contains all colors. It absorbs negativity and amplifies the effect of other gems.
  • Sapphire releases violet cosmic rays, which are cooling and tranquilizing. It increases spirituality and its calming effect brings detachment, wisdom and the confidence to pass through difficult, threatening situations or major changes in life.
  • Cat's eye (or chrysoberyl as it is also known) releases the infrared cosmic ray, so it has a hot, penetrating quality. This gem has a cleansing quality, which helps to break uncomfortable mental and emotional patterns.
  • Onyx releases ultraviolet cosmic rays, which give off a cold, diffused quality. This helps it assist assimilation at emotional and mental levels and balances both the male and female aspects of personality.

How to Choose, and Use, Crystals and Gemstones

To be effective, gems have to be of a reasonable size, usually larger than those in jewelry. The nine gemstones together can be used to make a "rainbow" elixir, considered to energize the whole body.

However you wish to use your gemstones, enjoy them. Try electronic gem lamp therapy at home or by visiting a therapist who uses these lamps. Explore gem power and treat yourself to nature's sparkling energy!

Gems are thought to possess specific healing properties. Following is a list of gems and the health concerns they are thought to address:

    Anxiety = Sapphire
    Asthma = Diamond + Carnelian
    Bronchitis = Diamond + Carnelian
    Burns = Emerald + Sapphire
    Candida = Diamond + Carnelian
    Eczema = Emerald + Sapphire
    Influenza = Emerald + Sapphire
    Injuries = Emerald + Sapphire
    Pain = Emerald + Sapphire
    Panic = Sapphire
    Psoriasis = Sapphire
    Prolapsed Disc = Emerald + Sapphire
    Repetitive Strain Injury = Emerald + Sapphire
    Sciatica = Emerald + Sapphire
    Stress = Sapphire

About the Author

Dr. Angela Blaen is a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. She has lectured and examined for Exeter University and the Open University. She is currently researching healing of various kinds, shamanism, the applications of dowsing, the historical and modern uses of precious stones, and runes.






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