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What We Do

The Assemblage Point Centre was established in 2003 to provide the highest quality treatment in the important emerging field of assemblage point therapy, a therapy which, despite its obscurity, has the power to change lives in a manner that few other therapies can.  Alongside this we also treat patients using gemstone and crystal healing through electronic and light applications. This side of our work draws on Indian Ayurvedic uses of precious stones and is not the same as crystal healing as often seen in the UK.  We have had great success with a whole range of physical and mental conditions and feel that the combination of the two therapies we practice here at the Centre has the power to produce life changing results. So in demand have our treatments become that we have travelled not just around the UK providing treatments but also abroad. For more information about our treatments click here.

As we developed the work of the Centre we realised that there was a huge need for other practitioners and that these therapists needed to be taught in depth and to the highest level. The assemblage point and its ramifications for the human body are complex and here at the centre we have become world leaders in finding and shifting assemblage points. To this end we developed two training courses, one in assemblage point work, the other in gemstone and crystal healing. We train practitioners throughout the world. Some of these have progressed to training in particular countries on our behalf as trainers for The Assemblage Point Association. For more information on our training courses click here.

To help people find and recognise excellence among assemblage point and energy medicine practitioners and trainers we founded The Assemblage Point Association, with high ethical and professional codes of conduct. This Association administer lists of accredited and recommended practitioners around the world. For more information on them see the link on the left hand menu. 



At the Centre we are conscious that there are always new developments and new things to learn about the assemblage point. To this end we conduct extensive and ongoing research into the mysteries of the assemblage point and on improving treatments.  Some of our results and findings are published in  Drs Angela, Tom and Anna Blaen, The Assemblage Point: Dynamics of Assemblage Point and Gemstone Healing.

Book cover image - sparkling energy medicine

As well as treatments and training we also provide for sale large high quality crystal wands that are needed to shift assemblage points and medicine jewellery for particular health issues.

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For more on these click here.


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