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Case Studies


On 20 March 2004 this 50-year-old patient, Arthur, had collapsed at an optician’s inspection when unexpectedly told he had glaucoma readings of 42 on his left eye and 29 on his right.  He was told he would need surgery to correct this, and was frightened of this.  When examined, he also had high blood pressure.  The following day we treated his stress position assemblage point (high right at the front, high left at the back) with sapphire, and his eyes with yellow sapphire.  Immediately his blood pressure dropped to normal.  He went to his optician the next day, 22 March 2004; and his new readings were 27 for the right eye and 23 for the left, and he therefore did not need the envisioned surgery.  He has an annual repeat treatment and two years later his eyes continue to be fine, his field of vision much better than previously, and his stress levels are normal.  Glaucoma is an illness that presents as tension of the lens of the eye, so the pressure in his eyes was treated as a stress condition very successfully.








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