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Theragem Crystal Light Therapy

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The Theragem Professional T1002

The Theragem relies upon ancient knowledge of gem stones for its choice of gems which are housed in cups, placed upon transducers, which use the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta frequencies.  Again, the combination of gems and frequencies provides ideal healing and gives the practitioner the chance to use technology rather than his or her own energies.  Unlike simlar earlier equipment, the Theragem is readily portable, folds easily into its own case, travels easily, can be used abroad without difficulties, and is not cumbersome and overly invasive in a treatment room.  It represents the most affordable version of gem therapy equipment and is the most up to date, having arrived on the market only as recently in November 2007.  It is an impressive addition to gem therapy work.

The Theragem comes with two gem heads, which accept the various gem cups, and which contain a 1 watt Luxeon Light Emitting Diode (LED) as well as the electronics to energise the gems.  The gem cups clip onto the long arms which clip on a stand.  Filters are fitted into the gem cups, chosen along the lines of the colour therapy previously covered in this book.  White noise is included during all treatment with the Theragem and is the audible equivalent to white light, containing all the frequencies. 

The Theragem uses four frequencies but these are slightly different and are as follows:

1.5 Hz  for calming, applied by choosing the “calming” Delta frequency on the control unit, used with Emerald and Sapphire gem cups.  The Emerald cup contains a green filter and the Sapphire a blue filter.

3.3 Hz used by selecting a violet “balancing” therapy at Theta frequency, used with Sapphire cups and a blue filter.

For energising treatments, an Alpha frequency of 8.3 Hz is used with Diamond and Carnelian cups containing an orange filter.

Finally, a 16.5 Hz stimulating Beta frequency is used with Ruby gem cups and a red filter.

Therapy intensity can also be controlled and different voltages are used depending upon whether the patient is adult, a child, elderly, etc.  Dimensions when assembled are 93 cm wide, 96 cm high (although the stand will extend to a height of 150 cm if needed), 60 cm depth and weighs only 4 kg.  (These dimensions are for the equipment  with the gem heads and brackets attached.)  The Theragem operates at 15 volts DC (maximum 12 volts DC during therapy at 100% intensity) via a 15 volt power supply rated at 3 amps, and the transformer will operate from 100 to 240 volt power supplies rated at 1.2 amps 50 to 60 Hz wall/power socket.  UK, European or USA power cords are available.  The control unit has LED light windows to allow therapy selection and intensity, and the gem heads and cups are 12 volt DC types, containing approximately 25 carats of the relevant gem stones.

The Theragem represents the marriage of ancient knowledge and traditional uses of gem stones for healing with twenty-first century technology.  They pulse energy at various frequency rates through gem stone caps or diffusers, thereby stimulating and greatly amplifying the inherent vibrational healing power of the stones. This is not mere colour or light therapy but highly sophisticated equipment utilising ideal frequencies and ideal gem stones.  Some forms of illness require cooling, calming gem treatment, e.g. burns, sprains, contusions, pain and new injuries are all areas of high temperature and excessive energy.  In contrast, other areas require stimulating, invigorating gem energy.  Such diseased parts of the body would   be  connected   with   old   injuries,  old   healed  bone fractures, leg ulcers, numbness, paralysis, strokes, circulation problems, some types of allergy, asthma, thrombosis or blindness.  With new types of gem equipment it is even possible to soothe one part of the body, such as an area of pain, with Emerald, Green Aventurine or Amethyst, while at the same time energising another part, e.g. the spleen, with Diamond or Clear Quartz and Carnelian, thus cleansing and invigorating the whole of the blood. The balancing of the energies can be refined to be exact and very effective.

Gemstone light equipment therapy is powerful, effective energy medicine.  Unlike most systemic remedies, such as drugs, which affect the whole body, electronic gem treatment can target a specific organ or area of the body and the vibrational frequencies of specific cells can be adjusted as necessary.  Whether or not a practitioner chooses to combine this treatment with recording and measuring the effect on the assemblage point, and/or using various biological energy sensors, is a matter of personal preference but, should he or she wish do so, they should be able to obtain even more confirmation of the effectiveness of the treatment.  If the patient or practitioner can afford it and has the expertise to use it, the electrode analysers produced by Electrode Analysers Ltd., when used with their electrodes, can measure and record skin voltage before and after treatment, which is ideal.

Many independent scientists throughout the world have verified the fact that healing frequencies work best between 0.3 – 30 Hz, and mostly in the range between 2 and 18 Hz.  Dr Robert Becker and Dr John Zimmerman in the 1980s investigated healing frequencies and later Zimmerman in the USA (1990) and Dr Seto in Japan (1992) investigated the large pulsating biomagnetic field that is emitted from the energy practitioners’ hands during healing work, discovering that the pulsing energies are within this same range of frequencies.  That this would work is discussed by Prof Paul Davies and Dr John Gribben, in their book The Matter Myth of 1991, explaining the quantum physics view of a living universe and a living web of interdependence, in which all matter is connected as one.  Independent medical research demonstrates that this frequency range will stimulate healing within the body but that specific frequencies are suitable for different types of tissue.  Around 2 Hz encourages nerve regeneration, 6 – 8 Hz bone growth, 10 Hz ligament mending and 14 – 18 Hz capillary formation, for example.  Various types of equipment, such as physiotherapy equipment to aid tissue regeneration and ultra sound technology to clear clogged arteries or kidney stones are built on these principles.  Similarly, it has been known for several years that, to repair a stubborn fracture, an electrical coil pulsing the appropriate frequency will stimulate bone growth and lead to a repair of the break.

These brain wave frequencies, often known as the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta frequencies, are not confined to the brain but travel throughout the body via the perineural system, which consists of the sheaths of connective tissue surrounding all nerves.  During successful person to person healing (not always easy to achieve!), such as hands on healing, these waves would begin as weak pulses in the thalamus of the practitioner’s brain and gather strength, flowing to the peripheral nerves of body, especially the hands, from which they would travel to the patient.  Dr Robert Becker’s research suggested that this system regulates injury repair and system rebalance during such treatments.  The same principle can now be transferred to the patient using equipment and can be much more specific and effective, without having to use the energy of the practitioner.  This can be a great advantage to both patient and practitioner alike and is a clear example of the move from intention to technology.




photo of theragem professional T1002 gem lamp machine in it's metal flight case with all 7 gem cups

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photo of theragem professional T1002 gem lamp machine showing the different gem cups - 2 emerald, 2 saphire, 1 ruby and 2 diamond and carnelian

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