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Treatments at the Centre.

Assemblage point location and shifting and gem therapy treatments take place in our two treatment rooms, one in and one just outside Crediton, a small market town severn miles from Exeter, with good rail and road links. Please telephone 01363 772992 for appointments or email.

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The Assemblage Point Centre.

The Assemblage Point Centre was established in 2003 to provide the highest quality treatment in the important emerging field of assemblage point therapy, a therapy which despite its obscurity, has the power to change lives in a manner that few other therapies can.  Alongside this we also treat patients using gemstone and crystal healing through electronic and light applications. This side of our work draws on Indian Ayurvedic uses of precious stones and is not the same as crystal healing.  We have had great success with a whole range of physical and mental conditions and feel that the combination of the two therapies we practice here at the Centre has the power to produce life changing results. So in demand have our treatments become that we have travelled not just around the UK providing treatments but also abroad.

For patients who need to stay locally we recommend Warren’s Farm.

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