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What Treatment Involves

On your first visit we will take a medical history and find and shift your assemblage point and provide electronic gem therapy if required.

We find assemblage points through a methord we have personally developed which is the most accurate means of finding and the least disruptive to a patient. Some people try to find assemblage points with cupped hands and waveing their arms around. we do not do this as it is both disturbing to the patient and inaccurate.

Clients are given full explanations of their original assemblage point location, if they wish, and can make choices regarding the type of shift they would like to experience.

Sometimes the assemblage point is shifted manually using a large crystal wand. Sometimes the electronic gem therapy equipment is used for shifting the assemblage point, where particular conditions make this advisable, e.g. a sapphire assemblage point for very high blood pressure. Sapphire has a very calming energy and can be very useful for certain conditions. Usually, if the gem therapy equipment is used for assemblage point shifts, diamond and carnelian is used. Diamond is the strongest of the gems in energy terms and carnelian balances it by being a very soothing gem.

Once the assemblage point has been located and shifted, some time is allowed for it to settle and, at this point in the treatment, other symptoms can be given treatment with the electronic gem equipment if this is required and appropriate.

Even if a client's assemblage point does not need attention, the gem therapy equipment can be used for various conditions. Gem therapy is extremely versatile and non-invasive, and dispite its powerfull effects is a relaxing and gentle treatment experience.

At the Centre we are used to dealing with patents who travel from as far afield as Australia, Indonesia and the USA in order to see us. As a consequence we are used to providing a high level of healing intervention in a single session and usually blending the assemblage point and gemstone healing modalities. Except in serious and chronic conditions we do not proscribe a course of treatments since in many cases in our experience one treatment is enough to cause significant therapeutic benefit.

Sessions usually last an hour and a half (depending on the condition) and cost £150 for the first session and £130 for any follow up sessions. If you would like to enquire about treatment please contact us.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if you book for treatment but fail to arrive without notice.





What Patients say:

Here is just some of the feedback we have received.

"This is a letter to say thank you for the session we had on 3rd March.  The effects of the shift were immediate.  Within a few hours of leaving the treatment centre, I felt aware of the area in my forehead.  I realised that my issues with being unable to sleep and stress since I've been around 14.15 are probable linked to issues with my 6th chakra.  As a result of the shift 4 weeks ago, my sleep is now much deeper and I;m now more aware of my emotions and what I'm feeling in everyday situations.  I'm looking forward to seeing what else might be relieved in the long term.  Again, thanks so much!  All the best for the future."

"It's been 18 months since my treatment with you.  My knees feel a lot better."

"I continue to feel a little better every day, I think that your treatment is wonderful."

"It was so good to be able to spend some time with you and Tom on Tuesday, your wonderful crystals have restored my voice, and I feel so much better - this happened within 2 days.  We wish you every success with the wonderful work that you are doing in the world.  I am sure you will go from strength to strength."

"There are many things that are changed ... Primarily my concentration has improved, especially with feelings, now I am more free from thoughts running in my head. ... I can now better do some meditation exercises I couldn't before due to my wandering mind. I've felt less distracted by emotions and bad

"I spoke to cathy yesterday, 'wow' the difference in her? (She laughs so much!)"

"I am feeling at peace, I know I sound so surprised but when you have not known that for a VERY LONG TIME, you can tell the difference and I do feel full of life."

See here for case studies.


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