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Advanced Assemblage Point Locating and Relocating


General Description of the Course

This course is designed to cater for a wide range of students, from the total novice to the experienced health care professional in a variety of alternative or conventional medical careers including hospital consultant level. Successful completion of the course leads to membership of The Assemblage Point Association. Taught on a one-to-one basis by experienced university teachers/examiners, the course is tailored to meet the requirements of students from varying backgrounds who want to become proficient in finding the human assemblage point in the most advanced methord known (which we personally developed) and be confident in shifting it by whichever method is the most appropriate for a particular client's needs and circumstances. The teachers of the course tailor it for their students' individual requirements and abilities, often teaching on a one to one basis. The fee covers a large quartz wand (worth several hundred pounds) which will shift an assemblage point, the student handbook, lunch during the training day, back up by email and telephone during the completing of the ten case studies and certification when the satisfactory case studies are submitted. You might like to look at F.A.Q.


The student is required to spend one intensive training day at The Assemblage Point Centre in picturesque mid-Devon. This will be carried out one-to-one to allow the highest degree of understanding. Afterwards they return home and complete ten case studies on forms provided, the satisfactory completion of which leads to being certified by The Assemblage Point Association. All necessary support for completing the cases is offered by email and telephone contact. If a student wishes to bring a difficult case to the tutor for discussion, that is also welcomed. Case studies can be submitted until ten satisfactory ones are received over a period of a year. The fee should be paid in full five working days before the date of training.


The course is primarily taught one-to-one over a day, during witch the student will learn about the assemblage point, its role in human health, dowsing, and ultimately how to find and shift a human assemblage point. Since this is an intimate and intence learning session it is tailored and structured to an extent towards your interests and experience. The following is a indication of the generic ground that all students will cover.

  1. The History of Assemblage Point Therapy.
  2. Quartz Crystal Wands: Choosing, Cleansing and Energising.
  3. Typical Symptoms of Those Needing Assemblage Point Adjustment.
  4. The Assemblage Point of Children, Adolescents, the Elderly, Pregnant and Frail.
  5. Unusual Assemblage Point Locations: Shadows, Splits and Shattering.
  6. Locating the Assemblage Point by Fingertip Dowsing.
  7. Warning the Patient About the Effects of Assemblage Point Adjustment.
  8. Grounding and Protection Techniques.
  9. Shifting the Assemblage Point with Quartz Crystal Wands.


Practical Arrangements

We recommend a comfortable farmhouse bed and breakfast a mile from the Centre and can collect and return students either to the farmhouse or to the local railway station on the day of training. Lunch is provided during the training day at the local pub to give a relaxing, more informal time in the middle of the day. The morning of the course concentrates on theory and the afternoon on practical work. By the time the student leaves they will have had their assemblage point located and recentered, so they can experience at first hand what their clients are likely to experience, and have located and relocated that of at least one other person. They should feel confident to complete their case studies successfully and will have full instructions in their handbook on all aspects of the work, plus a large wand, sufficiently strong and energetic to carry out the work.

Support After Training

Once the student has completed their training and submitted their case studies successfully, they are issued with a certificate from The Assemblage Point Association, which will enable them to apply for membership of the association and practice insurance with an appropriate firm. Membership of The Assemblage Point Association provides regular newsletters giving updates in research, development, relevant discoveries and information, including refresher courses. Members are welcome to keep in touch with each other and their tutors for sharing techniques, asking for advice, etc. This gives the opportunity for mutual support and for the work of all members to benefit. Membership of The Assemblage Point Association requires a student to agree to terms and conditions loosely based on those of the General Medical Council so this gives the public confidence in the ethical behaviour and practical skill of members and encourages work of the very highest standard.


A total of £1650, which includes one of our unique large quartz wands, tested for its ability to shift assemblage points, bespoke one-to-one teaching, lunch during the training day, the course handbook and any other materials, back-up support during the completion of the ten case studies, and certification after successful completion.




photo- course training materials


The Tutors

The course will be taught by:

Dr Angela Blaen, BA (First Class Hons.), PhD (Exeter), SBRCP (Energy Medicine), Fellow of the ICNM


Dr Tom Blaen, DipRef (IIHHT), BA (First Class Hons.)(Wales), MA, PhD (Exeter), SBRCP (Energy Medicine).

Both tutors are pioneers and leaders in the field internationally and have many years experience of treating patients with a wide range of assemblage point related conditions and teaching others in assemblage point work. They constantly carry out scientific research and develop techniques with a group of health professionals and publish on the subject. They are both experienced university teachers and examiners.

Contact Details

For more information or an application form, please contact Dr Angela Blaen on 01363 772992 or email her.

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