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Lapis Lazuli wand

Lapis Lazuli of excellent quality, beautiful colour and superb energy.  Rare and powerful assemblage point shifter and general purpose wand. Full of gold streaks and speckles. Very beautiful, lustrous wand with stripes of deep to paler blue. Powerful shifter and can be used traditionally for insomnia, nerve pain, nervous ailments, travel sickness, any treatment where soothing is appropriate. Can be used wherever sapphire would be appropriate.

An enormous, powerful and beautiful wand of the best royal blue colour, streaked with gold and and a little grey.  The largest Lapis Lazuli wand we have put on the site for sale and this will be a prized possession of its lucky owner.  It is suitable for a master healer.  Its energy will suit all types of assemblage point work and also be a suitable wand for using like Sapphire, for soothing pain and nerve problems.  Traditionally Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire have been interchangeable in descriptions in ancient lapidaries.

Length: 11" / 280mm (approx.)
Width: 3" / 76mm (approx.)

photo - huge blue and gold lapis lazui crystal wand

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