Sapphire & Lapis Lazuli
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Ruby, Ruby Zoisite, Rose Quartz & Garnet
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Moonstone & Labradorite
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Aventurine, Green Onyx & Green Jade
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Turquoise & Blue Topaz
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Amethyst & Sugilite
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Smoky & Clear Quartz
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Pink Quartz, Pink Opal &Rhodonite
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Peridot & Green Amethyst
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High Quality Medicine Jewellery Pendants

As an addition to our wands, which we use to introduce particular gem energies into the energy field via the assemblage point, we are now selling medince jewellery pendants in a much greater variety of gemstones and srystals. These are handmade, from the same country as our beautiful, energetic wands, and each stone is set in high quality 925 silver. As well as being excellent medicine jewellery, they are very attractive to wear! Each one costs £30 (inc. p&p).

The pendants are used in the same way as Aurvedic gemstone jewellery is used bt we suggest they are worn over the assemblage point, or as near to it as is possible. They are made in India and as you can see from the pictures, each one is indevidually crafted to bring out the individual stone's best potential. They are the largest we can obtain and some are very large indeed.

The following illustrations show typical samples of what we have avaliable. We are importing new pendants all the time so please remeber the photos are for guidance only.

If you would like to buy one please contact us saying what you are interested in. At present our stock is changing but soon you will be able to buy direct on the website using PayPal as you can here at The Wand Shop.













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