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Individual Wands for Sale

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These unique wands are hand crafted to our specifications and are carefully chosen by us to not only be exceptionally powerful but to shift assemblage points. These wands do not need energising or any kind of cleansing as they are so intrinsically energetic.

The wands here are all available for sale. Choosing a wand is a very personal thing and a bond often forms between the owner and the wand.

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All wands now with Free Shipping!


What people have said about our wands.

“The wand came today, and I love it!!  It's truly amazing!  When the wand arrived, I was having a stomach ache. I held the wand next to my stomach, and the pain went away!  Absolutely amazing!!  I can't believe how heavy it is too.” 

“I'm so glad you are finding connecting wands with people so satisfying.  We are very fortunate you are doing this, since it is extremely hard to find a good wand, let alone amazing one such as the ones you have.  Thank you so much!!”

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