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Case Studies


Harry had been diagnosed with schizophrenia three years earlier and was on very strong drugs.  At 21 his life was ruined; he was listless, wasting time, unable to study, socialise or communicate very effectively.  He was depressed and apathetic, hardly responding to questions.  As with most schizophrenics, he had two assemblage points, equidistant from the centre in high left and high right (some schizophrenics also have a third point in low right) back and front.  Ten days after shifting he returned to the Centre and was totally transformed into a happy, smiling, confident individual, very positive about his treatment and future.  A year later he was reporting to be leading a normal life on greatly reduced medication.  We had used energising gems on his assemblage point and his spleen to give him more energy to help him to lose the weight which inactivity has created.









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