What is Gem Therapy?

To understand the modern usage of gem stones in healing it is important to recognise that precious stones have a medicinal pedigree.  They have been used for centuries in many parts of the world, often to treat just the same diseases to which we apply them today.  Our methods have changed because our technology allows us greater control of the natural world and its potential.  In medieval England we might have steeped a gem for several days in wine before removing the gem and drinking the resulting elixir; today we can target the exact part of the body and apply the same gem (or one proved to be more effective) for just ten minutes of gem lamp therapy, with much better results.  We can test the effects of a gem, measure how successful a treatment is and we can refine our use in a way our forefathers would envy.  However, it is often by using their expertise and written records that we have been able to develop our modern techniques. This side of our work draws on Indian Ayurvedic uses of precious stones and is not the same as crystal healing as often seen in the UK. 

Here at the Assemblage Point Centre we have pioneered new and highly successful treatments using of gemstones applied using specialist electronic gem lamps. They pulse energy at various frequency rates through gem stone lenses or high quality gems, thereby stimulating and greatly amplifying the inherent vibrational healing power of the stones.  This is not mere colour or light therapy.  It is a therapy many times more effective than either.

Some forms of illness require cooling, calming gem treatment.  For instance infections, burns, sprains, contusions, pain and new injuries are all areas of high temperature and excessive energy.  In contrast, other areas require stimulating, invigorating gem energy.  Such diseased parts of the body would be connected with old injuries, old healed bone fractures, leg ulcers, numbness, paralysis, strokes, circulation problems, some types of allergy, asthma, thrombosis or blindness.  With gem lamp therapy it is even possible to soothe one part of the body, such as an over-active liver, with sapphire and emerald, while at the same time energising another part, e.g. the spleen, thus cleansing and invigorating the whole of the blood. The balancing of the energies can be refined to be exact and very effective.

Gem therapy applied electronically is powerful, effective energy medicine, healing by resonance and working on diseased cells at subatomic level.  Unlike most systemic remedies, such as drugs, which affect the whole body, electronic gem lamp treatment can target a specific organ or area of the body and the vibrational frequencies of specific cells can be adjusted as necessary.  Whether or not a practitioner chooses to combine this treatment with recording and measuring the effect on the assemblage point, and/or using various biological energy sensors, is a matter of personal preference but, should he or she do so, they should be able to obtain even more confirmation of the effectiveness of the treatment, if it has been skilfully carried out.  Increasing numbers of individual practitioners and clinics throughout Britain and abroad are now using gem therapy and it is an encouraging sign in a medical environment all too keen to prescribe systemic drugs for every condition.





This is a revised extract from Dr Angela Blaen's book From Intention to Technology: Assemblage Point and Gemstone Healing.

From Intention to Technology

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