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What Wand is Right for Me?

A crystal wand is not just a tool but is also a deeply personal object and people are often drawn to a wand that is in some ways 'right' for them. However it cannot be emphasised strongly enough that a suitable crystal wand MUST be used when performing an assemblage point shift. To use an inappropriate wand that is either of the wrong matiral or size for a shift would be totally ineffective or even harmful for your patient. Therefore take time to seek out and choose a good crystal. It is an investment for a lifetime (unless treated harshly) and will become a faithful assistant. If in doubt, seek the advice of someone experienced at shifting the assemblage point with a crystal wand.

A suitable wand should fit the palm of the hand comfortably and show at least an inch (preferably much more) above the hand. For a beginner a wand should be at least seven inches long and have a diameter of at least one inch at the base (the stronger a practitioner’s own energy field, the smaller the crystal wand he/she can use). Sometimes a wand can be smaller if it has excellent energy. To gauge a wand’s energy, always ask an expert in assemblage point work. Wands which might be considered suitable for massage or reiki work might be quite inappropriate for shifting the assemblage point.

The wand will generally be of clear quartz (otherwise known as rock crystal), rose quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, or amethyst. Citrine and amethyst wands are rarely found in large enough sizes so, generally, it is clear, smoky and rose quartz which are used for assemblage point work However, recently, we have been having specially commissioned enormous wands mined for us, in green quartz (aventurine), citrine, amethyst and other types such as moonstone, moss agate, labradorite. Details are given below of the discoveries we are now making as we scientifically test these wands. Avoid wands which have been treated with heat, dye or radiation – their vibrational frequencies and dielectric resonance will be impaired.

The wand should have good triangles reaching a point at one end and a rounded, smoothed base at the other. Avoid wands which are chipped and damaged. The wand should have no obvious defects which might weaken or interrupt the energy flow through it.

If a pair of wands is being used, the wand at the back – known as the stabilising wand – can be smaller than the one at the front, but a matched pair is ideal. A matched pair would be almost identical, being of the same type of quartz and similar in size and proportions. It is best to buy such a pair at the same time and, if possible, ascertain that they have come from the same mine so their material is as similar as possible and should have the same vibrational frequency.

It has taken much time and painstaking research to discover the best type of wand to use for different types of patients and conditions. Often particular wands seem to suit particular practitioners best. For instance, when beginning, a practitioner might find a very slightly smaller wand easier to manage and will gradually move into using larger varied types as he/she becomes more proficient. Sometimes there seems to be a relationship between the success of the treatment and the type of wand chosen and sometimes there does not. In general, a good strong energetic wand should work well for all conditions and we cannot stress how important it is to have a wand which is large enough and has sufficient energy or your work will not be effective. However, we are finding that there seems to be a link between some illnesses and some varieties of quartz, as follows:

photo of 7 different huge crystal wands (clear, aventurine, rose and pink moonstone)

CLEAR QUARTZ: This seems particularly useful where high energy is needed, e.g. low right locations of the assemblage point, connected to low energy in the patient. (Used as a substitute for diamond and a combination of diamond and carnelian.) Clear quartz is useful for all conditions if only one wand is available.

ROSE QUARTZ: We are using this for heart ailments, such as high blood pressure, palpitations, and stress/anxiety/panic locations. It has a strong but gentle energy which seems particularly effective for these conditions. (Used as a substitute for ruby and garnet applications of gem healing. See my book on Gem Stone and Crystal Healing and the list given below.)

SMOKY QUARTZ: Where psychological factors are strongly present in the patient’s condition, e.g. high left locations or depression, this seems a good choice. We also use lace agate if it has the correct energy.

CITRINE OR GOLDEN QUARTZ: This is used for infections, energising and, generally, for cases which would have used citrine or coral (for which citrine is often substituted) in ayurvedic medicine.

AVENTURINE OR GREEN QUARTZ: For all types of inflammation, such as eczema, or where there is agitation (e.g. where the liver is overheated due to allergies), or where cells have too much activity. (Used as a substitute for emerald, green chrysoberyl and green onyx.) We also use green moss agate and green bloodstone for similar reasons if they have the correct properties. Moss agate has traditionally been used to help those needing to face the truth about their situations, so can be useful for patients needing to face up to situations, such as addictions, an abusive relationship, etc..

AMETHYST: This is proving excellent for all cases where we have used sapphire in electrical equipment. It calms nerves, reduces pain, helps with insomnia, depression, and raises the spirits. Along with Moonstone, it is proving effective in the treatment of some diabetes. Amethyst can be useful where pain is associated with injury, such as torn ligaments, neck and shoulder pain, etc..

MOONSTONE: Used for conditions where we use Amethyst and Rose Quartz and particularly useful for difficulties associated with the menopause, conception, period pain, etc.

photo - 6 different quartz crystal wands (clear, amethyst and citrine)

The choice of wand for various conditions relates in general terms from the ancient ayurvedic use of gemstones, in which stones of different colours and vibrational frequencies are chosen. It is possible to give a good shift with any of the wands we use at the Centre (all of which are enormous) but we have found that shifting an assemblage point is the ideal time to introduce particular gem energies into the assemblage point and thus the whole of the energy field. We began by using electronic gem therapy equipment to apply precious stones over the assemblage point area but then realised that we could perform the same technique by using large wands which had similar colours and properties. It was extremely difficult to source these, so we have now found mines to produce exactly what we need. Our wands are so powerful they need no additional electronic or other energy source to shift the assemblage point. Types of crystal we used to think inappropriate for shifting the assemblage point we have now discovered to be excellent, provided they are enormous and have the right energy (usually the energy they hold from before they were mined and shaped, so they do not need constant re-energising). This has been a major development and we have been importing powerful wands, previously not found in such large and potent shapes and sizes.







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