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High Quality Assemblage Point Shifting Crystal Wands

At the Assemblage Point Centre we source and have mined to our specifications only the best quality quartz crystal wands. These are available either singly or in matched pairs (from the same mine and of the same type of stone and of the same size). We supply only very powerful and very high quality wands in clear quartz, rose quartz and smoky quartz. All our wands are fully tested for their suitability for shifting the assemblage point. We can guarantee that, providing the user applies the correct techniques, the wands we sell will shift an assemblage point.

The following illustrations show typical samples of what we have avaliable. We are importing new wands all the time so please let us know what type of wand(s) you would like and we can probably supply them. Prices range from £180 for a good, reliable wand upwards to around £400 for a very large, special wand.

photo of 7 different huge crystal wands (clear, aventurine, rose and pink moonstone)

What Wand is Right For Me?

All wands are subject to a small charge for postage and packing. Our stock is constantly changing as wands are sold and new stock arrives so the photos here are for guidance only. Please visit the Shop to see what is currently in stock. If you would like to buy one of these rare and special wands that is out of stock or you can't see here or discuss which wand would be most appropriate for you, please contact us.


photo - 6 different quartz crystal wands (clear, amethyst and citrine)

Visit The Wand Shop: Wands in Stock Now!



Visit The Wand Shop: Wands in Stock Now!


Types of Wands we Sell

Clear Quartz (Rock Crystal)

a clear quartz wand

Rose Quartz

a rose quatz wand

Smoky Quartz

a smoky quartz wand

Citrine or Golden Quartz

a citrine wand

Aventurine or Green Quartz

a aventurine wand


a amethyst wand


a pink moonstone wand


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